At DHC, our goal is to provide the most qualified, caring, and knowledgeable staff to assist you or your loved one to their highest level of health and independence.

With our complete range of home health care and hospice care services designed to promote healing, independence and quality of life, we are able to answer a wide variety of home health care needs with compassion and dedication. Our caring staff see themselves as patient advocates and have embraced a patient-driven approach to care which focuses on what the patient truly needs, not a pre-determined number of visits or set of steps.

We will come to your home, hospital, or living facility to evaluate your needs and design a program tailored specifically to you. We clearly map out the expectations for the patient and his/her family when it comes to home health care and what each nurse visit will include to help the patient reach his or her rehab or recovery goals.

With our wide range of home health care services available, we will be there as your needs or the needs of your loved one change over time. Our staff works closely with your physician to develop a comprehensive plan of care to address multiple concerns based on medical needs.