reduce your risk of heart disease

Heart Health Month: Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Reduce your risk of heart disease Your heart is the powerhouse of your body. It pumps blood, carrying nutrients and hormones, throughout the body. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States. An unhealthy heart suffers from narrowed arteries that limit the blood flow and transportation of oxygen …

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Bone, Joint and Muscle Health in Older Adults

As we age, our bodies change. Physical activity levels, diet, genetics and environment all affect the way our bodies go through the aging process. If you want to combat the aging process and keep your body as healthy as possible, including your bone, joint and muscle health, education is your best defense. Only with the …

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fall prevention in elderly

Fall Prevention in Elderly: Reducing the Risks of Falls

Falls account for one in three of all injuries in older adults, according to a study performed by the CDC. Additionally, 20-30% of older adults who experience a fall, will sustain moderate to severe injuries that may require hospitalization, limit their mobility or even increase their risk for early death. Fall Prevention in Elderly Older …

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exercises for older adults

Get Fit! Exercises for Older Adults

Exercise can be beneficial for any stage of life. Studies have consistently shown that exercise can boost your immune system. Moreover, it can help to strengthen your bones, prevent muscle wasting and help your mood too. First, Get Checked Out Before you start any exercise or diet program, make sure you have discussed it with …

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